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The Bic Subwoofer

“Since the dawning of recorded music there has always been a select group of “audiophiles”, thanks to them we know it holds true that bigger and more finely-tuned subwoofers will always dominate others.” If a budget-friendly subwoofer that won’t break the bank, but will still give you a dreamy performance each and every time sounds like something that interestes you…. Then it would be wise to check out the BIC America subwoofer series.”

Unlike other subwoofers, the BIC America F12 system features a massive twelve inch cone. This massive sound cone is more resistant to sound distortion resulting from extremely demanding low-frequency signals.
F-12 front and back
  Other subwoofer systems have nine or ten inch cones. While these subwoofers can deliver good sound, the BIC America F12 will deliver double the performance at a fraction of the cost. That is yet another important factor that you should look at when you are scouting for a new subwoofer system.
How much is your investment going to cost you? Other brand new subwoofer systems can easily cost $500 to $700. Not the BIC America Subwoofer. This premium subwoofer system is well-loved by buyers, and so it is almost always retailed at a lower price to ensure that people who want it can always buy it.

Wait for online retailers to put it on sale, and you will see that this premium subwoofer series can be purchase for as little as $150- $200. This doesn’t mean that its value has plunged; it just means it is a hot selling item, and a large percentage of buyers want to get their hands on it. Grab it when the price is down; you will not regret it.

What makes this BIC subwoofer system so unique from other brands? In addition to the massive twelve inch injection molded cone incorporated by the manufacturer, there is also the unique Venturi port that cannot be seen in other subwoofers. What does the Venturi port do? Well, most subwoofers just try to stabilize the low-frequency sounds.

Sometimes, this doesn’t work because some movies and songs are just too demanding on the subwoofer. When distortion becomes a problem on other subwoofers look to the special Venturi port on the BIC Subwoofer that steps in and stops the problem before it ever starts. This special port drastically controls any noise distortion so that everything you will hear is dynamic and pleasing to the ears. No strange, palpable distortions with the Bic Subwoofer; just pure, unadulterated audio enjoyment, and powerful bass that rivals even the most expensive brands.

The question could be asked. Is a BIC subwoofer system intelligently designed? The answer is yes. It can detect minute changes in the sound. Once fluctuations are detected, this great subwoofer system adjusts automatically, so you won’t have to perform complicated adjustments to your TV, room or computer’s settings.

Have you ever been watching a movie or your favorite action movie and had that “spike” of bass that makes your flinch? That’s because your sound set-up doesn’t have an Intelligent BIC Subwoofer. Because with this system, you can sit back relax and enjoy, worry free.

*Key Features of a Bic F12 Subwoofer*

  • Frequency response of 25Hz – 200Hz

  • Sensitivity 90dB

  • 12″ injection molded subwoofer

  • 475 watt peak powered subwoofer

  • Warrenty 5 year

  • Impedance 8 ohms

  • Gold Plated Terminals

  • Magnetic Shielding

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